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You can – sweat with it, swim with it, sauna with itand it lasts 18+ hours!

Formulated from pure, crushed minerals and safe enough to eat yet will come off with any gentle cleanser.

Created because there weren’t pure products on the market that were good for your skin AND would last throughout the day.

Pure makeup for active women.  Easily achieve an airbrushed look that lasts 18+ hours.  You can swim and sweat then simply blot the moisture off your face and you’ll still have that Flawless Face.

Natural UV broad spectrum protection helps protect your skin from damage, pigmentation and premature aging (harsh effects from the sun).

 The Sweet Minerals Flawless Face is what separates Sweet Minerals from ANY other beauty brand.

 The perfect blend of minerals turn these carefully crafted products into PURE amazement!

 You’ll find that one or two products don’t come close to what the combination of the Flawless Face can do.

It’s now turned into a challenge, “The Flawless Face Test”, to see exactly what The Flawless Face can hold up to.  Sun, rain, snow, sweat, the pool, the shower, the sauna, you name it, the Flawless Face has come out looking fresh!  Take the challenge for yourself.

For MAXIMUM results, we highly suggest using Moisture Prep and Concealer (wet or dry) before applying.

…now you can grab the Flawless Face with pre-selected shades based on YOUR complexion OR you can build-your-own box!

Match your foundation color, and we’ll do the rest!

At the Gym

Sweating on the elliptical, in the pool, the sauna, shower and steam room!

At the Beach

Will the Sweet Minerals Flawless Face last in the sun, the sand, and the waves ???

In the Snow

The cold winds, wet snow…even lasts doing donuts on the 4 wheeler!

At the Waterpark

Finally – a pure, safe mineral makeup that LASTS on the skin! Tested…in the heat…in the water…in the snow…at the gym! And yet comes off with a gentle cleanser!