From time to time, people ask me why I became a Sweet Minerals Educator. I am in a sense a “founding member” of the company, having been their 187th consultant, within about a year of their launch. I had tried other direct sales companies before, but didn’t quite meet my match. It has been three and a half years, and I love it.

But why?

Well, perhaps it is the feeling of family among the owners and their educators. We refer to ourselves as Sweet Sisters (and brothers too!) The owners of the company, or “Fabulous Four” as we call them, take a genuine interest in their educators, and interact with them on a personal basis. They really listen to our ideas, and our feedback is welcome. We can see these ideas come to fruition through product launches, marketing, and policies. I feel a part of this company not simply through enrollment, but on a grassroots level. This does not feel like “their company”, but “our” company. I really feel like we are a part of it all.

Add to that, the fabulousness of the products. The quality is exceptional. We have products that I am proud to share and put my name behind, because I believe in them. As a nurse who has worked in the aesthetic field and as a makeup artist as well, I know an outstanding product line when I see it. The owners of our company are passionate about their products, and it shows. They work wholeheartedly to make sure we have the absolute best on the market.

Sweet Minerals loves to show off their products on their educators. We are used in their advertisements, social media campaigns, and graphics frequently. It makes it great fun for us, and helps us to express our creative sides. They are proud of us!

The company has a heart for the local community, as well as society as a whole. They have hosted fundraisers, campaigns, and specialty products , with proceeds that benefit sick children, promote suicide prevention, assist sexual assault victims, etc. They have done so with no other motive than to simply make a positive difference in the world.

Finally, I believe the company has a wonderful spiritual component. It is clear that the company believes in the power of faith, prayer, and love. They extend this love to their educators, by promoting confidence, wisdom, and kindness.

If you have ever considered becoming part of our Sweet Family, here is a link to find out more. No pressure. We don’t believe in pressure, which is another reason I love this company!

Whether you are a part of our family as an educator, or as a customer, I sincerely thank you.

Xxx ooo ~Carol

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