Two events occurred in the last week or so that ushered in the notion that Spring is coming. The first was the Chinese New Year, also known as the “Spring Festival”. The other was Groundhog’s Day, filled with the expectation of whether or not the groundhog  would see his shadow. These events mark the time of year when we start thinking about (and longing for) the coming of Spring. So, now is a great time to take stock of your cosmetic and clothing wardrobe to see what is needed to be on-trend. You have worked hard and it has been a long winter. So heck, you deserve a little something to perk you up, right? This article will highlight what to expect this Spring in the realm of fashion and make-up, and how you can simply and easily achieve the latest looks.

First, let’s talk clothing palettes. The wardrobe hues that are trending on the runways are featuring Neutrals. The hot shade to watch for is Hazelnut. Kale will also make an appearance. Think khaki, buttery creams, and light browns. Mix them with the brights such as Lapis Blue and Azalea Pink. Of course, no Spring Wardrobe would be complete without some lovely pastels- Icy Yellow is really making a come-back, as well as Turquoise Blue and Dogwood Pink (Pantone, 2017). Rocking a  monochromatic neutral look, or mixing neutrals with just a pop of color, will make your wardrobe fresh. For something just a little funky- feathered shoes will be all the rage! (Elle, 2017).

This brings us to Spring make-up trends. The Neutral theme extends to the face. To pull off this look, it is important to be balanced. Monochromatic nudes all over the face can make one look a bit washed out (at least it does me!). To get the best possible look, pick one area, such as the eye area, use your neutrals there, and then balance the rest of the face with medium or bold tones. For instance, the Got My Eyes On You Palette” is perfect for this, in tones of raspberries, lavender, and bubblegum pink. Choose a medium pink blush, and a Snap Dragon lipstick, and you will knock ’em dead, I promise!

Sprucing up your home with touches of pink, robin’s egg blue, khakis, and creams in items such as throw pillows, candles, knick-knacks, etc., can help to create a feeling of Spring warmth in your home. Just a pop of color here and there can go a long way toward celebrating all things Spring. And of course, get out in the sun for some gardening and some much needed vitamin D! Don’t worry, your Sweet Minerals Flawless Face has sun protection, without the greasy feel!

Finally, symbolically, Spring is a time of renewal. Start a new skin care regimen, exercise routine, beauty ritual, etc. Emotionally, it is time for us to take stock of those things that we have left behind but would like to welcome into our lives again:  Relationships we may have neglected, hobbies we may have long abandoned, spirituality that needs to be revisited. Take stock of what you enjoy, and carve time into your busy schedule to get back in tune with it. Perhaps it is getting back in touch with your prayer life, meditation schedule, time outdoors, what have you. Now is the time to assess what is missing and revive it in your life.

Remember: You are loved. You are important. You are somebody’s everything…..

Be good to you! xxxx ooo ~ Carol


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