Hello Gorgeous!

We’re here to make three promises right now:

  1. No more drama.
  2. Banish feeling alone, forever.
  3. Never limit your thinking again.

Our names are Candace, Chrissy, Heather, and Shelley and we’re here to tell you it’s time to say YES to your BIG DREAMS!

No more feeling like there are so many rules, regulations and “you can’t do that” making it impossible to run your own business and shine as the Entrepreneur that you are!

Sound familiar?  Entrepreneurship shouldn’t be so hard!

We desperately wanted a better way.  Was there a way to approach social selling in an entirely NEW way?  We needed less of a hierarchy and more of a tribe of CHEERLEADERS (cheer + leadership).

When we signed up for our first event, we had no idea the unbelievably rewarding journey we were about to embark on.

We were so focused on the product that we weren’t prepared for what was about to happen.

Women transformed before our very eyes.


They would have a seat for a simple Flawless Face makeover, and would leave with their heads held high and full of confidence!

Expecting to change lives with our formula, we left with our lives changed forever.

If you are reading this, we know a little bit about you.

  • You KNOW you are meant for something BIG
  • You are passionate and CRAVE a community of like minded women that “get it!”
  • You’re ready to say YES to your dreams

We’re so excited you found us!

If your dreams don’t scare you, DREAM BIGGER.

We’re here to help you go after your wildest dreams, kick fear to the curb once and for all and to become the unstoppable woman that you are!

It all starts right here!

un·stop·pa·ble (adj):  impossible to stop or prevent


The unstoppable women is someone who doesn’t wait to be inspired.  She goes out and is the one who inspires.  She lives passionately. Every. Single. Day.


An unstoppable team has taken success into their own hands.  They surround themselves with people who “get it”. They know because they raised their vibe, their tribe will go far!


The best Hostess Rewards in the Direct Selling Industry!

Everyone says that right? Maybe. Sweet Minerals really does.

The average Host receives $138.50 in FREE product (booking gifts, the $300 & $500 Party Bonus, 15% party total in free makeup and FIVE 1/2 priced items).


So when was the last time you tried to return makeup? Received the ole “we don’t accept open items”? We used to get that too, and said that’s not really fair let’s have a forever guarantee.

You know what, we even stumped some of the top minds in the industry who said “You offer a forever guarantee on your products?!”

Forever Gurarantee


Imagine it.

You have been sitting in the perfect chair on the beach for 10 minutes.

You close your eyes and feel the sun on your skin.  You dig you toes deeper in to the sand where it’s cool, you wiggle your toes and love the way the cool squishy sand feels.  Your eyes are still closed when a shadow comes over and you shade your eyes while trying to focus on who is there.  It’s Heather, your new BFF, she’s got two drinks, and one of them she hands to you.  The glass is sweating and you realize just how cold the drink it.  It tastes like a Caribbean dream and you subtly giggle to yourself because you realize – this IS a Caribbean dream!  The 2020 Incentive Trip is to Dreams Bonita, Panama and you can go!


  • 25-40% On Personal Sales

  • Up to 10% on Downline Sales

  • Cash Bonus’

  • Profit Sharing

  • Lead Sharing

comp plan
comp plan

Launch Immediately

LAUNCH RIGHT NOW! Yes you heard right, when you join today your website will be ready within minutes.


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