Spring, symbolically, is a time of renewal and new beginnings. We plant our flowers, we till the soil. We breathe fresh air. We live life to the fullest and feel a sense of hope. We feel invigorated. We feel refreshed. We feel like we can conquer the world!

I find that each change of season is an opportunity to update my makeup and skincare routine as well. Besides the obvious (changes in weather require different products and techniques), there are other practical reasons to revise your makeup and skincare wardrobe seasonally. First, mascaras and other eye makeup should be replaced every three to six months. Just as we change our smoke detector batteries with daylight savings, the changing seasons can be a reminder to replace eye makeup for good eye health and hygiene.

Secondly, if you, like me, like to follow the fashions and trends of the season, you will naturally need to update, at the very least, your lip look. Matching your lip color to the latest colors and trends for spring fashion will assure a complimentary look to your seasonal apparel. If you want to get an entire spring/summer makeover, fabulous! But often, this may not be practical or in the budget. A great way to assure that you have complimentary makeup looks for your new digs is to purchase three lip colors every six months, in a neutral, a cool, and a warm. For spring and summer, lighter or bright tones are a great way to update your seasonal look. For Fall and Winter, bold and darker tones are fabulous.

Every Spring, around April, I begin using a bronzer on my face, and a body bronzer or self-tanner as well. Sweet Minerals Flawless Face Complexion System has the SPF that you need, but be sure to swipe some SPF on the body daily. Tanning in the sun or on a tanning bed is aging to the skin, as well as risky for skin cancer. It is far better to utilize cosmetics that give one a bronze look than to live with regrets! P.S. my favorite Sweet Minerals bronzer is Golden Honey, which also doubles as a great warm blush! I promise, even the most fair of complexions will not look orange with this bronzer. In fact, all of our bronzers are most natural looking for all complexions.

Finally, as you plant your flowers and till the soil, nurturing your garden and enjoying the sunshine, take time to renew your soul as well. I have personally found that a daily dose of yoga, meditation, spiritual reading, and prayer, if only for five minutes each, renews, revives, and refreshes the mind. It is like Springtime for the Psyche. Now, that is the most important part of spring fever!

“Bloom Where You Are Planted,”

xxx ooo- Carol

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