The year was 1999. Not so long ago, in the overall scope of life. It was Memorial Day weekend. I was sitting in the pews at a large church listening to the sermon. The Pastor stated, “Today, I want us to take the time to say a prayer, to thank God for the men who have served our country, and the men who died, who paid the ultimate price for our freedom”. And of course, I was thankful for the many men who had paid that ultimate sacrifice. So grateful. And it was appropriate to thank God for them.

But I couldn’t help but pause and think, “What about the women?”.

You see, I knew a thing or two about women in the military. I had many female friends who had served our country. Some of them had been separated from their families, even their children (sometimes infants), to serve overseas. Some of them were war veterans. Granted, they had not served in combat; nonetheless, as doctors, nurses, and various personnel, they had been in harm’s way. Just to serve others.

I had also learned, somewhere along the way, that in various American conflicts, women had posed as men in order to serve. Some of them paid the ultimate price. And I couldn’t help but reflect on the various women who I knew about who had died serving their roles in the military. Furthermore, today, we have women fighter pilots, and the army has recently integrated women into the infantry. So my point is, women have always been, and continue to be, a tremendous asset to our military. And women have died serving our country. For that, I simply want to thank them as well.

I thank all the service members of our American Military for their dutiful, heroic service; men and women. And I honor all of the fallen, of both genders. There is no greater gift that one can offer others than to lay one’s life down “for a friend”, or even a stranger. So, for all who have sacrificed their lives for our country, I give thanks and the utmost respect. And to all who serve currently, thank you!

This blog is about beauty, and it might seem kind of strange that I chose this topic. Beauty, however, comes from within. And the heroism that takes the form of putting yourself in harm’s way to protect others, may be one of the most beautiful examples of said inner beauty.

Beauty also sees equality, stands up for it, and looks out for others. So, today and always, let us remember ALL of the fallen. And let us imitate their sacrificial spirits.

“America, the Beautiful, God Shed His Grace on Thee”.
xxx ooo -Carol

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