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~ I was introduced to Sweet Minerals make-up at a party nearly one year ago and I am certainly thankful to have gone. Initially I was embarrassed to have to take my make-up off upon arrival because of my rosacea, a skin disorder that causes facial redness and sores that looks like acne. I was diagnosed with rosacea at 24, and have struggled for many years to find relief. I have tried creams, masks, and even several cycles of oral antibiotics which come with numerous side effects. Nothing helped calm my redness and so I lived with the hassle of wearing thick concealers and foundations that would melt or rub off all the time. After removing my make-up for the Sweet Minerals party, the Consultant immediately inquired about my redness and I detailed the problem. She knew exactly what would help and mixed the sweet minerals powdered concealer with a bit of water to make a paste, a magical paste that not only covered my redness and sore spots, but actually calmed and relieved the burning irritation. She then helped me select a foundation shade and gently brushed the delicate powder over the affected areas to blend the concealer. Finished with a dusting of mineral veil powder and I could not believe what I saw in the mirror. My redness was covered and my skin felt cool and radiant. Not having that thick caked-on make-up was such a relief for my skin and it made a tremendous difference in my rosecea. Over the course of a few weeks wearing the Sweet Minerals make-up, I noticed a remarkable decrease in the frequency and intensity of my skin flare ups and irritations. This gave me great confidence to leave my house without a thick cover on my face. Almost a year later, I could not be happier with the results and recommend this product to any one that struggles with rosecea. Sweet Minerals absolutely changed the way I perceive make-up and my own skin. It’s taken me 31 years and Sweet Minerals make-up to finally say “I love my skin!” ~Julia C.

~ It’s all Sweet Minerals! The makeup is just that good! ~Photographer Angela Zaloudek.

~ I just closed a $687 Online Mystery Hostess Party from my comfy chair! ~Sweet Minerals Independent Consultant Tracy Snyder

~ These are just some of many awesome shades and colors! Love them to death… especially Ravenberry! ~Easy Makeup Blogg (Norway)

~ I had a Sweet Minerals make up party last night. In addition to a great time with family & friends I did not expect to feel such a difference with my own make up this morning! I am DEFINITELY a life user of this product! ~Ginny S. (Host from a Sweet Minerals party with Consultant Natasha Stickles)

~ Shout out to SM! I woke up last Saturday and got on a plane to Germany, arrived early Sunday (time change). When I went to bed I had been wearing my makeup 36 hours (real hours). It was still rocking!! I love SM!! ~Lisa J.

~ A huge thank you to Kelly Thomas for introducing me to the Sweet Minerals Liners and Eye Shadows. LOVE the LINER!!! ~Mary C.

~ I’m so grateful for my Sweet Minerals foundation! It’s the best!! ~Sheila T.

~ I love this makeup! It has made a huge improvement in my skin :). A big thanks to Candace for coming to our salon and turning us all into Sweethearts!! ~Stephanie from The Thomas David Salon. Milton, DE

~ Since I started wearing Sweet Minerals, I like myself in photos so much better! My makeup lasts all day. ~The Baltimore Bachelorette

~ My face finally has a nice glow, and looks just as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning! ~Sheri G.

~ I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP!!! The foundation is 10x’s better than everything out there. ~Dana Hoiles Sports Jewelry by Dana Hoiles

~ I love your bronzer! It gives me year-round color! ~Beth B.

~ Love how you can make lip color out of just gloss and any Blush or Shadow you want!!!!Best make up ever!!!!!!! ~Kelly from The Thomas David Salon. Milton, DE

~ I started using sweet minerals in may and have turned about 20 people in to wearing sweet minerals. I also have a 11 year old who loves the product as I found her trying to use my shade. Being a creative mom who’s child doesn’t ask a lot for Christmas I am going to surprise her with her own Sweet Minerals collection and I think that Cake In a Cup would e a perfect shade to add to her collection.:) Have a great holiday! ~Julie S.

~ Bringing this makeup (Sweet Minerals) has been the best decision the Salon has made so far. ~Messana’s Salon & Spa Bel Air, MD

~ I stopped by last night to pick my freebie and I bought a couple other eye shadows and a liner, I simply LOVE them. The girls working there were very helpful and super nice. I can’t wait to buy more!!!! :) ~Suzie P.

~ I’m in Arkansas!! The temps are hot and REALLY HOT. My makeup looks fabulous! Thanks Sweet Minerals! ~Lisa J.

~ Apparently I was talking in my sleep last night about Sexy’s Back Mineral Veil and how it was my favorite! hahaha It must be good if I’m dreaming about it. Everyone, go get some!!! It rocks!! ~Carly S.

~ I love Sweet Minerals because it is so easy to use and so versatile! I also love it’s coverage!! :) ~Beth L.

~ I love the colors and the way the makeup looks and feels. It always feels like I don’t have any on. Heather has done my make-up a few times and I simply love it!!! I can’t wait to replace all my make-up with the Sweet Minerals line. ~Susie P.

~ I love that the make up is so smooth once it goes on, and how vibrant the colors go on. ~Brittanie W.

~ I tried your makeup for the 1st time on Friday at the mall and can’t wait to wear it again…Made me feel beautiful after chemo changed my skin tone… ~Linda D.

~ I just tried your make up and I loved the colors, selection, price, and of course all the compliments! Thanks for a great product for an everyday person! ~Jennifer N.

~ Sweet Minerals makes me feel like I am NOT wearing makeup and it’s so natural that my friends just think I’m naturally beautiful! If only they knew how I look when I wake up…lol! ~Jenna K.

~ I’ve been using minerals for years but none go on as nicely as Sweet (Mineral Veil). A real winner….just like our RAVENS!!! ~Kim F.

~ Sweet Minerals is amazing! Make up is so light and stays on forever. Used to wear Mac now I swear by Sweet Minerals! Love love love your products. ~Whitney N.

~ I love the Sweet Minerals I’ve been wearing! Now it’s time to perfect the eyes. ~Sheila T.

~ I purchased the starter kit at the Timonium Home and Garden show. I am an on the go mom who needs make up that will last all day. Sweet Minerals is easy to apply and feels great all day. Thanks! ~Brandie S.

~ Blog Entry from The Baltimore Bachelorette 7/28/2011:

I just found the SWEETest new makeup!

I really lucked out. I have been using Jane Iredale makeup for over 5 years now. I discovered it back when I was working at a day spa. It was my first introduction to mineral makeup and I was a big fan. But it was getting harder and harder to find Jane anywhere and it was pretty pricey.

As luck would have it, I discovered a brand new mineral makeup line called Sweet Minerals! Created by some local ladies with a background in makeup and eyes for style, as soon as I heard about Sweet Minerals I was stoked to check it out.

Via Twitter (thank god for Twitter!) I got in touch with Sweet Minerals and let them know I was eager to try their stuff!
I was invited by them to attend a Ladies Day Out Event at La Palapa recently where Sweet Minerals was demonstrating their products. Heather, one of the creators and a makeup artist, gave me a full face makeup application using Sweet Minerals. I loved how the makeup felt on my face, pretty much like I wasnt wearing any at all. And the color palette was stunning! So many fun and festive colors to choose from with names like Blue Hawaiian and Bubble Gum you will find your mouth watering! But dont eat them! LOL.

Seriously I just got my own collection of Sweet Minerals, and I tried applying it myself. The shadows go on so easy and have such a nice hue to them. And the bronzer makes me feel like I just came from a weekend at the beach! Plus this makeup is totally dummy proof if you ask me. I love makeup and always have, but you can apply this even if you are a novice at “face painting”.

Sweet Minerals is only available in select places right now, so follow them on Twitter and Like their Facebook page for more info and to find out how to get yours. I promise you that you will LOVE it!

Oh and for those who know about mineral makeup, it doesnt contain Bismuth either (the ingredient in many mineral makeups that alot of people are allergic to), and yet it still provides great coverage.

I will DEFINITELY be having the Sweet Minerals ladies at one of my upcoming events. But dont waste any time! Order a starter kit from them!
As you all know I dont endorse anything I dont love. And I LOVE Sweet Minerals.

Special thanks to Chrissy and Heather at Sweet Minerals for introducing me to this awesome makeup line!

~ I would like to thank you all for the AWESOME products that I received in my recent order!! As you know, I recently placed a fairly large order and just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely LOVE your products!! Your blushes, eyeshadows, liners and foundations are THE BEST!!

I am so pleased with your products and on top of that, your customer service is FANTASTIC!! I have had the pleasure of speaking with both Heather and Candace and they are TERRIFIC! They are kind, professional and friendly to work with. Your shipping is faster than lightning as well!!

In conclusion, I just wanted to thank you for your products! I am so glad I decided to give you all a try at the Frederick Fair and will continue to be a dedicated and loyal customer. YOUR TEAM AND YOUR PRODUCTS ARE GREAT! I have been telling all my girlfriends about your products and hope to see you soon.



And thanks for being great!!


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