RONALD MCDONALD HOUSES provide a home-away-from-home and support for seriously ill children and their families while children receive treatment at nearby medical facilities.

Since 2012, Sweet Minerals has been working with various Ronald McDonald Houses to provide makeovers to the Moms of the children staying at the house.  During their stay, the Moms are so focused on their child and family, they don’t have a second to think about themselves.

So each visit, we setup in a room and teach Moms how to apply makeup; from beginning to end.  What happens during that hour is magical.  They forget their current worries of the day.  They laugh together, learn, and share stories.  They leave feeling beautiful.  Most will tell you they can’t remember a time where they felt that way.  They each walk away with a Sweet Minerals Flawless Face package, new skills, and new friendships.

These Moms give of themselves – and to be able to give to them is a feeling that is beyond words.

Proceeds from the sales of our LOVE AND KISSES LIP GLOSS support various Ronald McDonald Houses in the United States.

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