Love and Kisses Gloss is a fitting name for the Sweet Minerals lip potion. For more than just moisturizing agents and pigments go into this lovely rosy-red gloss. Love is the main Ingredient.

Just as the gloss gleams and shimmers on the lips, the charitable donations that come from the gloss help add a gleam to the eye of a child and his/her mother. You see, the proceeds from every Love and Kisses Gloss benefit the Ronald McDonald Houses in America.

But Sweet Minerals doesn’t stop there. Twice a year, the Founders of Sweet Minerals and several of their Educators make a trek to the Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore. The house is presently located near the University of Maryland Medical Center but is soon set to move near Johns Hopkins University. Wherever they land, Sweet Minerals is sure to follow. For the group loves to treat the mothers and their daughters to makeovers for their Mother’s Day and/or Christmas celebrations. The ladies rave about the experience and love the Flawless Face take-home packages that they get to keep.
Many find that when taking care of a sick child, they have no time or energy left to care for themselves. Besides, there is no greater form of suffering than for a parent to witness health challenges in their child. Sweet Minerals is happy to help these mothers experience joy and happiness, perhaps even peace, if only for an hour. The memory of a time when someone did something kind for them is sure to remain long after.

The Ronald McDonald House Charity involvement is the brainchild of one of the Founders, Candace Maurer. As a child, facing health challenges, she and her family stayed there several times. This is her beautiful way of giving back.
But the charitable giving of Sweet Minerals, under the umbrella of the Sweet Passion Foundation, extends even further. The Island Girl Bronzer benefits the Love for Love City Foundation, which benefits hurricane victims. There is also a pennies or dollars donation feature that can be used at checkout for the Sweet Passion Foundation. Ask your Sweet Minerals Educator for more details.

Finally, I have had the benefit of helping at the Ronald McDonald House events on more than one occasion. Though they were almost three years apart, there was a mother there who walked up to me the second time, and said, “I remember you from last time”. She smiled and sat beside me. I could tell when she walked into the room, she was tense, jittery, totally stressed, as anyone in her position would be. But when she smiled and greeted me, there was joy in her eyes. Like a gleam or a twinkle.

Just like the gleam on the Love and Kisses gloss.

Give love. Give kisses. Give Back.

Xxx ooo -Carol

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