Why choose Sweet Minerals? Besides the outstanding, one-of-a-kind products, there is this: accountability to principles. From the beginning, Sweet Minerals has been a company committed to the principle and practice of cruelty-free products. The company has never tested on animals. Not simply because it is the latest “trend” in marketing one’s company. Not simply because it might appeal to more customers. Not simply because it is becoming more “fashionable.”

Simply because it is the right thing to do.

Sweet Minerals could rest on their laurels of a commitment to cruelty-free products and leave it at that. For accountability purposes, however, they have made a full-fledged commitment by recently becoming Leaping Bunny Certified. This certification is the brain-child of an organization called the National Anti-Vivisection Society, or NAVS (www.navs.org). Founded in 1929, this organization advocates for animals and for finding better, more humane science and personal care product testing methods. The company lobbies for better legislation, funds technology, and educates the public in order to protect animals.

For more than thirty years, NAVS has promoted “personal care with principle” through Leaping Bunny Certification. This provides consumers with information about companies that do not test their products or ingredients on animals. They provide a continuous list of cruelty-free companies certified by them and even have an app available on smartphones. This list also can be found on www.leapingbunny.org (look for Sweet Minerals!).

The “Leaping Bunny Standard” means that companies do not conduct, commission, or become a party to animal testing of cosmetic and/or household products, and/or their ingredients. They also do not purchase ingredients, formulations, or products from third-party manufacturers or suppliers who have conducted, commissioned, or been a party to animal testing of ingredients, formulations, or products.

Leaping Bunny certified companies must implement a monitoring system and/or communicate their standards to suppliers in order to assure compliance. They also agree to possible audits for accountability purposes as well.

So there you have it! It’s all about the bunny and doing what is right. And it’s all about you also!

You are a ray of shining light for the world to see. Take care of you too!

xxx ooo ~Carol


Resource: National Anti-Vivisection Society. (2017). www.NAVS.org

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