Want to try Sweet Minerals, but you don’t know where to start on the foundation shade? Of course, there is always the option to meet with your Sweet Minerals Educator for a party or one-on-one consultation. Let’s say, however, that your educator does not live nearby or you can’t schedule one at the moment. What to do?

Try the Foundation Genie!

The Foundation Genie is a link found on the website at www.sweetminerals.com (scroll down the home page and you will find it). It is super simple to use, and works through your Messenger app. It asks you a series of questions to determine what your skin’s shade and undertones are. After determining them, the suggested shade is “messaged” to you along with a photo of an educator modeling the said foundation. If you don’t have Messenger, no worries, your educator can ask you the same series of questions and help you choose the perfect shade!

The Foundation Genie asks certain questions, such as the colors of your veins around your wrists (with illustrations), whether or not you have freckles, what shade range you are in (light, medium, tan, or deep), and more.

Even if you think you know your shade, it is worth a spin to try out the Genie. Why?

Let’s say there is a certain educator/makeup artist who thought she knew her perfect shade (not saying it was me! Em hem). She had tried three shades and liked them all, but there was one in particular that she generally wore. There was another option available, however, but she never tried it, because she just KNEW she couldn’t possibly have peach undertones. And let’s say that educator/makeup artist decided to try the Foundation Genie process just so she would know what her customers were in for and was familiar with the process. She was sure her shade would be the usual, 2W.

Well…… surprise! The Foundation Genie selected 2P, Creamy Tan, as her perfect shade. What- she thought? Well, obviously something went wrong here. Maybe I should try again, or maybe I should….


So that I did, em hem, I mean she did. Got her 2P tester out and gave it a whirl.


It was perfect! It made her complexion look flawless. Not only was it an exact match, It covered up her imperfections, and it also brought out the peaches and cream tones in her skin that she didn’t even know were there. It made her skin look creamy and flawless. It gave her makeup a classic look. It was an all-around, perfect choice.

Okay, yeah, so it was me! I found the Genie, the Foundation Genie, and she worked her magic on me.

So why not give the Foundation Genie a try? She will not stear you wrong!

And speaking of magic, may you have a Magical, fun-filled holiday season, filled with love, light, and beauty!

XXX OOO~ Carol

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