I have a confession to make. I haven’t always loved taking selfies. Why? Because it used to take about a million photos before I came across a good one. I would get frustrated because I didn’t know how to use lighting and filters and such, so I would give up. That was before I discovered Sweet Minerals, which is absolutely, hands down, the most photogenic makeup I have ever found. The skin looks absolutely airbrushed and refined on camera, and in real life as well. Add to that, a host of fellow educators and photographers that have joined our fold and shared with me their secrets for selfie success. They give some wonderful tips on how to take a great selfie, below, that will save you much time and consternation, and will help you to achieve the flawless look that you desire.

First, let’s discuss posing. It is a good idea to use a tilt of the chin or turn the head a little in one direction. Turning the head upward slightly will help to achieve the look of a chiseled jawline. When looking up, project your chin out a little, to elongate the neck and give it an instant “lift”. According to Angela Zaloudek, photographer extraordinaire at Sweet Minerals, placing a hand in your hair to hold it back from the face also give the photo a nice look, by giving it more dimension. She also recommends holding the camera up and at about a forty-five degree angle for the most flattering photos.

Next, let’s talk about lighting. It is the key to achieving the best possible photo. Natural lighting is best. It will render the color more natural, as opposed to bathroom or indoor lighting, which can create orange and green hues. Early morning or evening when the sun is in front of you, and a bit above you, works well. If your timing is between 9 and 5, go to the opposite side of the house from where the sun is, for more flattering lighting. If your only option is bright direct sunlight, experiment with the curtains to diffuse the light a bit. The absolute best natural light: overcast days!

Another fun option is utilizing your mirror, but be sure to make sure there are no streaks on it, as they may be picked up by the camera. When using a cell phone, be sure to take the cover off. This can make a big difference in terms of clarity (Mitchell, 2013). Finally, be sure to add volume to the top and sides of the hair, as the camera tends to make the hair look more flat (Mitchell, 2013).

Sweet Minerals Educator Jennifer Doty

Some tips from Sweet Minerals educator Jennifer Doty, above, on angling and expression:  “For me, I usually have the camera up more and angled down. I usually find natural light gives a softer tone and highlight. A trick is to look on your screen as you smile,  get your lips how you prefer them, and then look up at the camera and push your button! This really helps when I want to get my mouth dimples to show more, but it only happens when I smile a certain way. Try practicing looking away from the camera or trying a different angle, and you may surprise yourself how much you like it! Selfie = Self + expression, be yourself and try new things! It may become YOUR thing!”


Dawn Dewolfe, a “selfie pro”, pictured below, recommends using filters. As you can see, it really helps in terms of making the makeup “pop”, and accentuates your peepers. Dawn states that there are some fun apps that you can use, such as MOLDIV, that can help you experiment with different filters. If you are working with a computer, websites such as Pic Monkey (www.picmonkey.com) have filters, frames, special effects, themes, and text  to enhance your photo as well.

Dawn DeWolfe- selfie pro!

My own tips? Never skip your Mineral Veil when applying your makeup. This gives your foundation the all-day staying power that Sweet Minerals is known for, plus it really reduces the look of pores and blurs imperfections in photographs, as well as in person. My sister Cathie’s favorite tip (she is featured in the cover photo) is to use the Lights, Camera, Action set, which features products for contouring and highlighting. She watched the video (link below) featuring Sweet Mineral’s makeup artist and co-founder Heather Lins, and found that under her tutelage, the process of contouring and highlighting is much less complicated than you think, and is perfect for her photographs and ballroom dancing engagements.

Lights, Camera, Action! Medium Sweet Minerals Original Veil

I must admit, I love seeing other people’s selfies, and sharing my own once in a while. Why? Because I love seeing people show their confidence and personality in photos. This confidence is contagious and inspiring to me, because in a world that sometimes tries to knock you down, it is an announcement that you are keeping your head up, smiling, and thriving in spite of it all. It says to the world “Here I am, you can’t keep me down!”.

So there you have it, tips on how to do a great selfie. Don’t forget to wear your God-given confidence, smile, and attitude. From there, ain’t nothin’ to it, but to do it!

xxx ooo ~Carol

Here is a contouring and highlighting lesson, using Lights, Camera, Action!



Mitchell, Elizabeth, 2013.  “Ten Tips for Taking The Perfect Selfie”.  http://www.thefashionspot.com/life/179693-how-to-take-the-perfect-selfie/

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