As Sweet Minerals observes their 6th birthday this month, over 2000 Educators are celebrating with glee! And why, you might ask? Because we know a good thing when we see it, and we are proud to be a part of this movement.

This movement says no to animal testing. This movement says yes to ethical business practices. This movement says no to harsh chemicals. This movement says yes to the “purest minerals found on earth.” This movement says no to body shaming. This movement says yes to embracing the unique beauty of every single individual. I could go on and on and on.

Instead, I will share the Vision, Mission, and Motto of Sweet Minerals, which is paramount to understanding the philosophy and concept behind this personal care “biz”:

Vision: To create relationships that build a foundation of personal and financial confidence.

Mission: We bring women together through social gatherings where we educate, enhance, and offer entrepreneurship.

Motto: Wear it, Share it, Live it, Love it!

From where did the above concepts come? They came from a Retreat in which Educators, along with the company Founders, put their heads together and attempted to capture the Spirit of Sweet Minerals. And capture it they did. Because those who have had the blessed opportunity of participating in this company, emphasize the following things: a personal touch from leadership, strong relationships, encouraging others to believe in themselves, gratifying socialization, and financial freedom. Plus, we have the most outstanding products! When one tries them, one can’t help but spread the word to others.

This company is positive, innovative, and inspiring, and I am so glad to be a part of it.

If you have ever dreamed of joining this vivacious company, now is the time. Spring will be upon us soon, a time for new beginnings. The renewal of nature symbolically revives and awakens the soul. Why not try something new? Open up to new opportunities, as the flowers open up to the sun. Believe in you. Embrace the Sweet Minerals Spirit, and life will be Sweet!

“If Life is a journey,
Then please, make it sweet
Let love, beauty, and kindness
Guide your wandering feet
As you step upon the winding road
With all its twists and turns
You will not forget
All the lessons you have learned
So, make each day a sweet one
Make your smile light up the sky
The Spirit of Sweet Minerals
Will make your sweet soul fly”.

xxx ooo – Carol


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