It’s that time of year again when the legs, toes, and feet come out of hiding. And it feels so great for them to finally “get out” and soak up some sun. Of course, getting them ready for their debut can be a bit daunting. Sometimes we take one glance at our lower appendages, and decide we want to go back into hiding! Well, we have just the products to make sure that your gams come out to see the light, looking and feeling smooth, confident, and glowing!

First, you will want to make sure to have your legs feeling more SMOOTH than even the jazz singer Sade could ever imagine! First, scrub-a-dub-dub with our Java Junkie Energizing Body Scrub. This coffee-fragranced scrub is great for reducing the look of cellulite and softening the skin. After rinsing, slather on the Whip It! Shaving Souffle. This non-foaming, moisturizing, and skin conditioning crème will facilitate and support the best shaving experience ever! Plus, you will love the whisper of cherry vanilla fragrance left behind.

Now, you’re ready to moisturize. But wait, it gets better! You have a few choices. The Whip It Cherry Vanilla Leg Smoothie is my favorite, not just because it smells so delish you could eat it, but because it leaves behind a lovely shimmer. When you feel the need to add a little color to your legs, The Whip It! Bronzing Leg Smoothie Wash-off Glow Cream is perfect. No need to worry about awkward streaks, it blends in well and can be washed off in the shower (in case you get an “oops”!) This product is also offered in two shades to customize according to your needs.

Ok, friends, let’s talk about feet. Say goodbye to flaky, dry, ashy feet! Our fabulous Playing Footsies foot scrub and balm will not only have your feet looking younger, they will feel silky smooth. The essential oils contained in these remarkable products will have your feet feeling refreshed, energized, and invigorated.

Okay, you’ve got Summer Legs! Now, show the world how to use them!

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