Watch as they test the Sweet Minerals Flawless Face – this will blow your mind!

Watch as several women put the Sweet Minerals Flawless Face to the test!

Mineral Foundation – The Ultimate Test!!

Fredrica Dawn creates the ULTIMATE Sweet Minerals Foundation test!  You won’t believe your eyes!

Testing the Sweet Minerals Flawless Face in Cancun

Shelley and Ciera go through “the circuit” will the Sweet Minerals Flawless Face hold up?

Under the blacklight

Watching this video by Sarah LaFave could save your life!

Under the blacklight

How will Sweet Minerals dry and liquid foundation protect you from the sun?

At the Gym

Sweating on the elliptical, in the pool, the sauna, shower and steam room!

At the Beach

Will the Sweet Minerals Flawless Face last in the sun, the sand, and the waves ???

At the Waterpark

Finally – a pure, safe mineral makeup that LASTS on the skin!  Tested…in the heat…in the water…in the snow…at the gym!  And yet comes off with a gentle cleanser!

In the Snow

The cold winds, wet snow…even lasts doing donuts on the 4 wheeler!

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