Hello, fashionistas! This is your girl Carol here, on the scene with the latest tips to have you ready for fall fashion! I have been combing the pages of the latest fashion magazines and want to tell you what to expect for this upcoming season.

First, let’s start with my favorite trend (one that will take you into winter as well): Velvet, velvet, velvet! Velvet shoes, velvet jackets, velvet skirts, velvet hats! Heck, even velvet “jeans” are making an appearance. The luxe material in colors like eggplant, black, and peacock blue will give you a vintage look. For a modern twist, look for velvety prints as well.

Next is another favorite of mine, La Leopard! The leopard print is making a come-back in a big way. Mixing small and large leopard prints within the same outfit gives it a new twist. Different shades of leopard print, such as black and white, make it interesting as well. Another unique take on leopard print is mixing it with florals.

Other themes and pieces to look for: romantic and bohemian! Also watch for the return of the miniskirt. You will see hues of red and purple all over the place. Accessories are also big this fall. Look for the return of black hair bows, tiaras, and hair bling.

When it comes to fall makeup, look to the Sweet Minerals Indian Summer collection, available September 1, 2017. The hues are reminiscent of autumn leaves, the fall harvest, and fine wine. The collection features five eye flavors of Marigold, Moss, Indian Summer, Hazelnut, and Patagonia (from left to right featured above), a blush (Sienna Gold), and two lipsticks (Burnt Umber and Mellow Mauve). These shades can be mixed and matched for endless combinations and can take you through winter, as well. Contact your local educator for more information, or see the website, under “collections”.

So there you have it, what to expect for fall.

Remember, you are the Supermodel on the Runway of your life. What will you make of it? What will you do? Who will you share it with?

The possibilities are endless!

Have a happy fall!

xxx ooo ~Carol



People Style. September, 2017. Volume II, Number 6. www.peoplestyle.com

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