This one’s for the red heads! Whether your hair is red-all-over or highlighted red, this gorgeous hair color can come with some unique challenges in terms of makeup choices. It’s not that the hair color is hard to work with so much as there are a lack of choices available to red heads within the cosmetic industry. For far too long, they have been ignored. Fortunately, at Sweet Minerals you will find everything that you need to get a perfect look to complement your ginger strands!

Let’s start with the basics, the Flawless Face Package! Your Sweet Minerals Educator can help you find the perfect shade foundation for you, but it is good to know that the shades Fairly Creamy and Creamy Tan are especially made with red heads in mind. The Flawless Face Starter Kit comes with foundation, mineral veil, blush, bronzer, kabuki brush, and multi-purpose brush in complimentary shades for just $99.

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Next, the most difficult task of all can be trying to find the right brow shade to work with. Not so with Sweet Minerals! The Ginger Snap brow powder clings to the skin and brow hairs, allowing for long wear. It’s a medium, reddish-brown color, so it can work perfectly with strawberry blonde, red, or auburn hair colors. If you are predominantly a darker hair color with red highlights, Milky Chocolate or Ginache could work, as well. Need a complete brow kit? You will find our brow kits with choice of brow color, plus brow brush, stunning brow highlighter, and brow wax, will have your brows on fleek!

When it comes to choosing a color palette for your make up, let me first say this: As a makeup artist, I do not believe in rules when it comes to makeup. There are people who will tell you that you should not wear brights, cool tones, etc. Personally, I think if you like how you look, and it makes you feel good, WEAR IT! That said, if you are looking for a classic look to go with your red tresses, you can never go wrong with warm tones. With the Warm Tone Loose Mineral Palette for eyes, a blush such as Peach Bellini, and a warm or neutral lip like Cinnamon Sugar lipstick, you will knock ’em dead! Adding the Foxy Loose Mineral Palette for eyes will give you a complete day-to-night makeup wardrobe.

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Speaking of red heads, for advice on beauty, I turned to one of the most fabulous red heads I have ever met. She is a classic beauty, and her name is Faye Hundley, pictured below.

The Fabulous Faye Hundley

Says Faye, “It is important for red heads to wear a good SPF. Red-haired women with fair skin are especially vulnerable to skin cancer and sun damage. Find a good SPF product, and wear it religiously, every single day.”

We at Sweet Minerals think this is EXPERT advice, not only for red heads, but for everyone. Our Flawless Face system has a great SPF to protect from both UVA and UVB rays. What is unique is that it is in a mineral form, so no greasy after feel! Faye also recommends giving products a full 30-day trial period before deciding for or against a product, and she says, “Never wash your face with soap!”.

While we are on the topic of red, Faye is very enamored of the Red Hat Society, a club for women. While the group is known for being a social organization for women 50 and over, in fact they have members of all ages. According to Faye there are women in their 80s who attend their events, as well as women under 50. The women over 50 wear red and dark purple, while the women 50 and under wear pink and lavender.  The Red Hat Society has no political or religious affiliation, so it is open to everyone — and members refer to one another as “sisters.” In their events, you will find women of all ages, races, and walks of life celebrating being women. They have fabulous events, many of them charitable. Faye describes dances held at nursing homes and fundraisers for no-kill shelters. They meet as “chapters” of about 5-30 people in various places, such as restaurants, and their leader is known as “The Queen.” In fact, Faye herself had her own chapter and was their Queen for quite some time (though she will always be a Queen to me!). She describes parades in which they sit atop convertibles, wearing purple leather coats and long gloves. There was even a fun event with an Elvis impersonator that she attended. Every December they have a Snowball Express, where guests wear all white, all red, or some combination of the two. There are also international conventions where members can get to know women from all over.

Yes, anyone is welcome at the Red Hat Society, where the only rule is to “wear your hat.”

There is a reason why I interviewed Faye and wanted to include the Red Hat Society in this article. You see, there seems to be this notion in our society that women, and beauty, have an expiration date. What I love about the Red Hat Society is that women over 50 are held in high esteem. They have a voice and a presence that announce, “We’re here!” They celebrate womanhood with confidence, charisma, humor, and grace. They are a sorority of sorts for women, only this is a sorority that welcomes every woman. They support one another. Do you have a hat? Then you are welcome.

If you are interested in a local chapter of the Red Hat Society, there is a link below with their information. But regardless of whether you choose to join, let us learn from them. Let us embrace the beauty and sophistication that comes with age and wisdom. Let us welcome all our sisters into our fold with open arms. Let us announce our presence with vibrant colors and charismatic attire, no matter what our age. Let us celebrate womanhood and our life, unashamedly, unabashedly, and unapologetically. And let us always remember: Expiration dates are for milk, not for women!

As always, please remember you are woman! You are unique! You are gifted and talented! You are special!

Whether you are a blonde, brunette, or red head, be good to you….

xoxo ~Carol

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