You can – sweat with it, swim with it, sauna with itand it lasts 18+ hours!

What is The Flawless Face?

The Sweet Minerals Flawless Face is our signature collection of products (Foundation, Blush, Bronzer, Mineral Veil, our custom designed Kabuki and Multi Tasker brushes).

It is a customized collection and it’s what everyone these days is talking about!

And while the name is “Starter Kit” these are all full size products!

It is also what separates us from any other beauty brand on the market!

The perfect blend of minerals turn these carefully crafted products into pure amazement.  You’ll find that one or two products don’t come close to what the combination of The Flawless Face can do.

How long does it last?

The products are full size!  With regular use, a Foundation will typically last you 3-6 months.

Most women are typically two shades during the year, their summer shade and their winter shade.

The blush and bronzer could easily last you several years and mineral veil can last anywhere from 2 – 4 months with daily use.

We love to tell people that our products will last 4x as long on the skin and 4x as long in the jar!  (Because they are so concentrated – and without fillers – a little goes a long way)

(to the left, Sweet Minerals Educator Megan Vaughn Boggs)

Formulated from pure, crushed minerals and safe enough to eat (don’t go there, please) and will come off with any gentle cleanser.

What shade am I?

This chart might look a little crazy!  Let us explain color and tone – and below we will help you even more by showing examples of women using different shades.

The great thing about our foundations is that the average women can match several shades, and we’ve never met someone we haven’t been able to match!

How we code.
1, 2, 3, and Deep

1 = Light, 2 = Medium, 3 = Tan, Deep = Deeper tones.

C = Cool – For pink undertones.
W = Warm – For slight yellow undertones.
N= Neutral – A balance of both cool and warm.
O = Olive – For golden undertones.
P = Peach – For orange undertones. Great for red heads and women with freckles.
Dark – For deeper complexions.

What’s included?

Select Your Foundation Shade, We’ll Do The Rest!

Still need guidance with your perfect shade?

Match yourself virtually with these simple questions!

  1. What shade range do you consider yourself – Light, Medium, Tan or Deep?
  2. What colors are the veins on the inside of your wrist – blue, green or teal?
  3. When you’re in the sun, do you:
    1. Burn easily
    2. Tan easily
    3. Tan but eventually burn

The first question will help you determine which line you are (1 = Light, 2 = Medium, 3=Tan or Deep)

The second question tells you your undertone.  All of our blood running through our veins is the same color, but the undertone of your skin will make them look different.  Blue veins would be C or P, green veins would be W or O, teal would be N.

If you burn easily and have lots of freckles you’d more than likely be P (Peaches N Cream) if you don’t have freckles C (Cool).

If you tan easily and don’t burn you’d more than likely be O (Olive).

If you tan but eventually burn you’d more than likely be N (Neutral) or W (Warm).

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