The girls Candace, Chrissy and Heather met for the first time at Chicago Uno Pizzeria and walked away business partners who were set to bring the worlds best makeup to market!

They unveiled their new mineral makeup line at a Women’s show just 2 months after meeting for the first time, not knowing what to expect.

Lines formed around their booth for 2 solid days. Women were waiting for them in the morning and staying after close.  It was insane!  They met a young girl there named Andelyn, with acne.

Andelyn never felt so good about herself! The Flawless Face covered everything PERFECTLY!  Candace, Chrissy and Heather left the event on a high, they realized “WE HAVE THE IT FACTOR!”

So they tried a few distribution methods; salons, parties, even a mall kiosk! (which failed miserably!)

Not knowing how to proceed, someone BIG TIME stepped up. Remember Andelyn, the young girl they met at their first event? Her Mom Shelley had been in direct sales for 20 years.  Shelley told them “YOU HAVE IT! I’VE NEVER SEEN SUCH A PRODUCT! “YOU’VE GOT TO BRING IT TO THE DIRECT SALES MARKET!”

Shelley’s vision and excitement was just what they needed! The foursome got to work developing the direct sales side of the budding brand and a month later Sweet was introduced in person at an event.

Everyone at that first direct sales event joined bringing in the funding they needed to get going into the direct sales arena! Today there are over 1500 Consultants across the USA.

They are ready to take the USA by storm with their signature product!  The Flawless Face (perfect complexion system) and bringing the best cosmetics to the direct sales industry.


Curious about selling some of the hottest makeup on the market?  You might want to check out The Opportunity page.

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